About Us

Melanie ormodesign

Melanie ormodesign began her adventures in jewelry in her native Santa Clara, CA 95051, with a small gift store run with her mother, Nancy ormodesign Moore. Melanie’s natural ability to speak languages lead her travels to Mexico, where she was one of the first people to begin importing sterling into the US from Taxco, Mexico. Her natural sense of fashion allowed her to select the trendiest designs. As a twenty-something, Melanie would scout the best pieces and bring them back to sell at the store.

But Melanie didn’t stop there. Her attitude has always been a fun and vibrant “Why not?”!  She knew she could sell her expertly culled pieces to others, so she partnered with her husband Michael Gobril to form ormodesign Jewelry. The name ormodesign is an artistic legacy. Melanie’s great uncle, George Randolph ormodesign, is a renowned American artist with art in museums and institutions throughout the nation, including the Library of Congress.

Melanie’s intrepid style and eye for jewelry lead them to begin importing world-round, and the business grew to be a successful global import company.  Soon her energetic travels lead to Asia, where she discovered the rich culture and opportunities in beautiful Thailand. She quickly adapted to the Thai language and saw the opportunity to create a factory where she could begin using her acute fashion sense to design and produce her own trend-driven pieces.  

Her Thailand factory now employs more than 250 people; most are skilled artisans, expert lapidaries and master mould carvers who have been with her for years. Melanie often works with miners to cull opaque stones that are cut specifically for ormodesign designs. By instructing them exactly how to shape a stone in a unique way, Melanie’s jewelry is distinguished from designers who use pre-cut stones.

Melanie’s factory also utilizes the age-old practice of lost-wax casting. This method allows for the rich details and flawless finishes that you will find in ormodesign Jewelry. It is rare in today’s jewelry market to find a designer that does not use ‘stamped out’ methods of production, and the quality shows in ormodesign Jewelry.

The designs that Melanie’s factory produce come from the team she leads in Dallas through a very hands-on approach. Her product development and design teams are on the forefront of fashion and trends for each season.  Trend meetings, runway shows, and frequent visits to fashion meccas like New York and Paris are all on Melanie’s plate.

The ormodesign Brand

ormodesign Jewelry is designer sterling silver and bronze with a focus on opaque stones, especially through custom cuts and placements. ormodesign customers love the detail that goes into our jewelry. Every piece designed will bear an unusual detail that reveals the special touch that ormodesign fans love.

The ormodesign brand can be found in retail settings from major department stores and electronic retailers to our own ormodesign.com and retail flagship store in Fort Worth TX.  ormodesign Jewelry is designed locally in Dallas, where Melanie leads a team of talented designers who help bring her inspirations to life.

For more specific information about our jewelry see About Our Jewelry.