About Our Jewelry

What metals are used in ormodesign jewelry?

Our jewelry that is sold under the label ormodesign, Sterling Silver is, without exception, sterling. Pieces are marked with a "92.5" and “ormodesign” signature to signify authenticity.

We also sell jewelry that is bronze, copper or bronze with silver overlay. Our bronze, copper and silver overlay jewelry is made with the same artisan method of hand wax casting.

All of ormodesign Jewelry is nickel-free, and is stamped with the “ormodesign” signature to signify authenticity.

What is the best way to keep ormodesign jewelry clean?

The ideal way to keep ormodesign Sterling Silver jewelry clean is to regularly wipe it with a specially treated jewelry cleaning cloth, available through ormodesign. To keep stones clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth as needed.

ormodesign bronze, copper and silver overlay is e-coated to prevent tarnishing. After years of normal wear, the coating will eventually wear off, at which time the jewelry can be cleaned with a bronze or brass cleaner (for bronze and copper) or a silver polish (for the silver overlay) commonly found at any store that sells cleaning products. Never dip any ormodesign jewelry in cleaner- always use a cloth soaked in the cleaner and hand apply. Dipping can remove the oxidization that gives ormodesign jewelry its dimension. Dipping can also affect the stones used in ormodesign designs.

How do I know that my jewelry is a genuine ormodesign piece?

Each piece of ormodesign jewelry is stamped “ormodesign”, either directly on the piece, or on a metal hangtag that is attached to bracelets or necklaces and some earrings. If you do not see the “ormodesign” stamp, it is not authentic ormodesign jewelry. The only exception would be a very delicate pair of earrings that do not have an area large enough for a stamp. Any ormodesign jewelry that you purchase from our retailers is presented on a card or hangtag with the ormodesign logo.

How are ormodesign designs created?

Our co-founder and lead designer, Melanie ormodesign creatively corrals a group of talented designers to interpret her artistic inspirations. Our design team is based in Dallas, Texas. Melanie travels worldwide to derive inspiration from other cultures; seeing the beauty in everything from classic Greek architecture to the Balinese jungles, Melanie brings the beauty of these cultures to her jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry begins with a sketch that is refined into a precise three-dimensional drawing that will be masterfully interpreted by our artisans in Thailand. These artisans use the age-old method of lost wax casting, done by hand so that each piece retains perfectly crafted detail.

Where and how is ormodesign Jewelry made?

Production of our cast pieces is largely based in our own Thailand factory and coordinated by our offices there. Each perspective of jewelry is moulded, polished and set with stones that are cut specifically for our designs. Our mould craftsmen are masters at interpreting our designer’s creations and painstakingly form the moulds that will bring about our finished product.

The ormodesign factory utilizes the age-old practice of lost-wax casting. This method allows for the rich details and flawless finishes that you will find in ormodesign Jewelry.

Most jewelry in today’s market is produced with die-cast methods that allow for thousands of pieces to be pushed out with little to no hand-finishing. By not using this method, but instead honoring the lost-wax method, ormodesign Jewelry attains a quality found in fine jewelry.

Some of our locally designed beaded jewelry is produced in China, where we also have overseas offices. Many of our beaded items are hand strung locally in Dallas to ensure that proper assembly and quality is achieved.

What are the different stones used in ormodesign designs?

Unusual stones, many of them shaped in unique forms, have become a trademark for ormodesign. We often use opaque stones (those which do not allow any light to pass through) and translucent stones (those which allow light to pass) in combinations that offer truly unique mixtures. Finding stones that reflect current color trends is always a priority for the ormodesign design team.

Most stones used in ormodesign designs are cut from huge rough pieces of stone that we source from miners around the world. These stones are cut in our own factory by our expert lapidaries.

Generally we use genuine stones in our designs. Occasionally some of the stones that are used are dyed to achieve a desired color. It is common in the jewelry market for many stones to be heat treated or dyed to achieve different hues. We also occasionally use glass, crystal, or cz in a design when a certain colorful hue is desired with an extra sparkle.

Is ormodesign jewelry waterproof?

We don’t advocate leaving any piece of jewelry, silver, gold, bronze or costume, in water for extended periods of time. Sterling silver is highly resilient but will lose its luster, as will any piece of fine jewelry, if repeatedly exposed to the elements. Sterling silver should never be exposed to chlorine bleach, as this can have an oxidizing effect and turn the silver to a dark brown or black. Therefore, never wear your silver jewelry into a swimming pool or hot tub. Any ormodesign jewelry with stones should not be exposed to water, as this could deteriorate the adhesives used to secure the stones.